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The difficult 2nd post…


I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend…some of ours was spent in A&E with our youngest.  Someone once said to us that with two busy boys we were bound to spend some of our life in A&E, just hadn’t counted on it being quiet so soon! But, he is on the mend now!

Anyhoo…the next prayer;

The next part of John’s gospel focuses in on the fact that Jesus came into the neighbourhood and stayed. He set up residence with the people in his local community. He lived, ate, slept, drank with them. They knew him and He knew them.

This is then how Jesus continue to live as he began his ‘ministry’. Or to be correct his public ministry, as Jesus’ ministry started before the foundation of the world and he came with one express purpose (1 John 3:8b) I think it is fair to say that he was giving Grace upon Grace to all he met from a very early stage in His life before the public part of His ministry started. Jesus lived to make the Father’s heart know, to restore relationship with God. To live with people, to share their tears, their pain, their joys, their hopes and their dreams.

This whole mentality has really started to influence the way we think about things – are we random people doing random acts of kindness or are we known people, who do acts of kindness for people that we know and will see again?

Are we moving into our communities and taking up residence, staying with people, living life with people so that we are there in the joys and sorrows?

Where is God at work in your communities?

Have a read of the Liturgy, think about it and let me know your thoughts,

Grace and peace,


John 1:14 – 18

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us;

We have seen His glory, the Glory of Jesus.

The Word came in flesh and blood;

We have seen His glory, the Glory of Jesus.

The Word came to the people;

We have seen His glory, the Glory of Jesus.

The Word came to make the Father’s heart known;

We have seen His glory, the Glory of Jesus.

Jesus came to the people and lived with them,

Through the joys, through the tears He stayed with them

He poured his life out for all and from Him we have received Grace upon Grace.

Our eyes have seen the King,

We have seen the Glory of Jesus.

We will live to make the Father’s heart known, 

We will give grace upon grace to all we meet.

Glory to the Father, Son & Spirit now and forever,



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For the Journey…

Hello, greetings and such like!

Welcome to my world, well a new part of it at least.

An online account of all things Blunders.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you will do regularly. This will be a place where thoughts are developed, life is shared and hopefully community deepened.

I hope that it will become a mix of all the various streams of my life.

So, first post…where to start?

You will find on this page a tab marked Liturgy Project. So, I thought I’d start here.

Liturgy has become a bit of a fascination of mine in recent years. What was once an archaic, monotone, boring part of a church service has now become a staple, refreshing part of my prayer life.

I love the idea of using words that have been prayed for centuries. The idea that these words helped shaped the prayers and lives of followers of Jesus throughout history and that they are still relevant today is awesome!

But, even more so, as I have come to understand liturgy and its uses,  I have slowed down in my praying and I begin to think about the words and phrases that I use in conversation with my heavenly Father. There are times when I need to pray direct from the heart prayers that make no sense to the rest of the world, but there are also times when thinking slowly and methodically through my prayer times has brought great freedom.

So, as part of my continued exploration of liturgy, I have started a little project in the background of all my other projects! The project is to create a complete set of prayers based from the Gospel of John.

I love the Gospel of John, I love his use of language and pictures to create an awesome picture of Jesus. From this starting place I hope to create a selection of prayers that continue to add to our pictures of Jesus.

Here is the first one, see what you think and maybe you would like to use it in your prayer times in the coming weeks,

Grace and Peace,


In the beginning Father, in the beginning Jesus, in the beginning Spirit

Glory to God – Amen

Jesus is the Word of God

Jesus was with and was God in the beginning

Through Jesus all things were made

In Jesus there is life

In Jesus we have life

In Jesus there is light

In Jesus we have light

Jesus became flesh and lived amongst us

Jesus came from the Father, full of grace and truth

Jesus is the Lamb of God

Jesus takes away the sins of the world

Jesus came with a purpose

Jesus came to destroy the works of the evil one

Through Jesus’ blood we have peace

In this moment here and now

We give glory to the Father and

to the Son and to the Holy Spirit;

as it was in the beginning is now

and shall be for ever.



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