Three Good things…

27 Jun

Yesterday evening, I returned home and upon checking my twitter I found that one of our best friends had started a tweet about three good things. The idea was this – tweet your three good things from the previous day, which I did!

But, then I started to think of other things I could have put and as I did I realised I had more than three. Now my day had been a particularly good one but, it also reminded me of a line from an old hymn;

Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

It is only when we stop and take account of our days do we realise what God has done in them. They may well have been stress filled nightmares, highly productive work days, or enjoyable time out but there is one constant in them all.

God has been in and with you in them.

He is in the every day moments we face through the good and the bad days (see one of my previous posts on Now is the time.. for more on this).

So I would encourage you this evening no matter how your day has gone to take the time and remember three good things and keep a note of them. Let us follow the words of Ecclesiastes 12:1  and remember our creator. Also, if you tweet please join us on #3goodthings

Be blessed in your days!

May we all be surprised by what the Lord has done in them!

Grace and Peace,


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