Monday morning blues…

10 Jul

Monday morning blues


How’s the prospect of Monday feeling?

That good, eh?

On Saturday morning, several friends and I gathered together to pray for our work and for the work of those who are apart of Living Stones Church. We prayed for various business, new and old, for schools and other places that were represented in the group.

We shared a variety of thoughts with one another and I would like to take five minutes of your time to share a few thoughts on work and leave you with prayer that you may like to use tomorrow morning before you go to work/while you are there.

I saw this quote on a friends Facebook wall just this week, which I believe may be from Rob Bell’s book Velvet Elvis. (I will double check tomorrow,whenI find my copy!)

The Earth is filled with the Glory of God, He never has to turn up, we have to notice Him.

Whoever said it, it is a great quote and fits in with one of the themes that is coming through my posts which is the theme of moment by moment living. Living under the Lordship of Jesus in everything that we do – this therefore must include our work. For too long it has been the myth about God, that secretly he wants all Christians to form holy huddles and all become full time missionaries to Africa or worship leaders.

But, the truth is that God does not see one job more important than another. What God is interested in is our hearts, He is far more interested in asking us to follow Him in everything we do. It is the same question to a cleaner, a government official, a full time mum/dad or those of us who are worship leaders. Jesus asks us to follow him, to be Him in the places we live, the homes we visit, in the shops we use and especially in the places we work.

We are called to be a blessing to those around us, to share God’s love, to be hard workers and serve others.

So, as we go to work tomorrow. May we know that we do it not only with Jesus but for Jesus. May all the glory go to Him.

Be blessed in your Mondays, God is with us!

Grace and Peace,


Here is my work prayer – there are several other excellent prayers on work and the workplace that can be found if you google work place prayer or click this link and it’ll do it for you. Work Place Prayer Search

Work Prayer
Father, I thank you for my work, especially in this time.
Open my eyes today that I might see you at work.
Show me where you are at work in my colleagues lives,
That I may be a blessing to them and serve them.

May I stay awake to your presence with me today.
Bless those who I work with, those I like and those I struggle with.
May I be your grace and peace to them.

May I through your strength,
Put away all gossip, bitterness and anger
So, that I may be able to see you face in all that I meet.

Holy Spirit speak through me today,
Be in every conversation that I have
May I be a true and faithful witness to you at work today.
In Jesus’ name


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