[Guest Blog] Look over there…

21 Jul

So…It’s called ‘blogblunders’ and I’m Mrs Blunders – so I thought I might have a go too. Two things will identify this as my writing and not that of my lovely husband

1. It won’t be nearly as theological, profound or concise as his (I am a woman, I like to waffle)

2. There will be a reference to musical theatre within the first couple of paragraphs

I’ve been trying to tie together a number of recent thoughts, and have decided to stick them under the heading ‘Love’. I’m trying to understand more about the magnitude, the inclusivity and the unconditional nature of God’s love, and how we show that to other people in our day to day lives. I’ve got lots of say…so this is just part one!

Recently I was involved in an amazing production of La Cage Aux Folles. The plot in brief – Albin is the star of a drag club which he runs with his partner Georges. Georges has a son, Jean Michel (a result of a one night stand twenty four years ago) whom he and Albin have raised together. Jean Michel intends to marry Anne, whose father is a homophobic, ultra conservative politican threatening to close all the drag clubs on the Riviera. The two families are to meet, and Jean Michel requests that Albin (and his iffeminate ways) stay away, that Georges ‘play it straight’ and that his biological mother is invited. Albin, who has raised the boy as his own, is devasted at being pushed out like this. Much comedy and farce ensues (and of course there is a happy ending eventually!), but in a particularly poignant moment, Georges sings to Jean Michel about the love Albin has shown him…

How often is someone concerned

With the tiniest thread of your life?

Concerned with whatever you feel

And whatever you touch?

Look over there,

Look over there,

Somebody cares that much.

How often does somebody sense

That you need them without being told?

When you have a hurt in your heart

You’re too proud to disclose?

Look over there,

Look over there,

Somebody always knows.

When your world spins too fast,

And your bubble has burst,

Someone puts himself last,

So that you can come first.

So count all the loves who will love you

From now ’til the end of your life,

And when you have added the loves

Who have loved you before,

Look over there,

Look over there,

Somebody loves you more

Interestingly, the scenery during this song included a huge wooden cross, which Albin sat in front of – meaning that each time Georges sang ‘Look over there’ and indicated to Albin, he was inadvertently pointing at the cross. Wow.

Doesn’t this song describe God’s love beautifully? Doesn’t John 3:16 talk of a love that puts himself last so that you can come first? Doesn’t Psalm 139 talk of a love that is concerned with the tiniest thread of your life?

It’s a beautiful song, perhaps one worthy to sit alongside the worship songs on your iPod* – download it and have a listen. (La Cage Aux Folles (The Broadway Musical) – Original Cast Recording).

See, musical theatre can encourage you in your walk with God. Who’da thunk it?!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section,


Mrs Blunders

*other MP3 players are available 😉


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