Rise and Shine [Part 2]…

18 Oct


Friday came and went!

But here are a few ideas to further the conversation on re-presenting Jesus.

@MrsBlunders and I have had many conversations over the recent months of things that we would like do, what we want to do and what God may be calling us to do. Some of these may never be done, some will be developed over the next few years.

We have decided that we want to live in the expectancy of what God is doing now and let that spill over into the future. We are trying to live as if those things were in place now – we are living in the now. We don’t want to keep saying, “we’ll do that when….”. There are certain things that are money dependant – like decorating, but there are a whole heap of things that are not. We were waiting for the ‘quieter day’.

We have realised that the quieter day will probably never come! We have to be wise and strategic in what we decided to do, but we must do things now.

On a personal note, I feel God is calling me in a certain direction and has asked me to raise my game and live like I was doing that calling already. This has involved giving certain things up, selling a few things and devoting time to study of and reading God’s word.

So to part two of Rise and Shine; 6 ideas to try re-presenting Jesus to all we meet.Some of these suggestions we are experimenting with and some we have not done yet, but see which one strikes you and let us join together in re-presenting Jesus.

1) Pray for those near you

When you are next in a coffee shop or some other public place and you have a few extra moments, pray for those who are around you. Pray God’s blessing on them, pray for followers of Jesus to come in to contact with them that day and ask God if you need to say something.

2) Give you place to someone in a hurry

If you are not in a rush, let the person who obviously is in a rush go before you – bless them at the same time.

3) Say ‘thank you’ more often

Find opportunities to thank people you know and do not know. Leave your friends thank you notes, send an email thanking someone for there service on a Sunday or just for being a friend.

4) Catch your child doing something good

I recently read ’60 minute Father’ by Rob Parsons (I highly recommend it to all Dads) and one of the main points that I came away from the book was the importance of catching your children doing something good and praising them for it. I’m working on this everyday, especially in the morning when I’m on go slow! 😉

5) Join in with #3goodthings on Twitter and Facebook

We have a great window through Twitter and Facebook to show what following Jesus is all about. We can give thanks for what God is doing in our lives as well as being real and saying that life is hard. We re-present that  following Jesus is not an immediate fix to all our problems, but a real relationship with a real God who loves us.

6) Invite more people round for meals more often

We love food and we love our friends. We are trying to combine the two when we can. Who could you invite for a meal in the next few weeks?

So there you go a few insights into how we are trying to re-present Jesus. Can I encourage you to look at what are you doing and what you can do to re-present Jesus to all that you meet?

Let me know your thoughts,

Grace and peace,


Almighty One,

All power, majesty and glory are yours!

We ask that you would strengthen and equip us,

that we may be faithful in our witness of re-presenting you,

through Christ our Lord and Saviour



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2 responses to “Rise and Shine [Part 2]…

  1. Helena

    October 18, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    As for the first part of this we know only too well about doing things now and living for the day. This is because both myself and my husband are stage 4 cancer patients. This means we are both in the cycle of recurrence. I am sure you can’t imagine living like this.
    As regards what we can do for people, I was very excited about the work with the homeless although I won’t be able to participate as much as I would like.
    The main thing for the leaders of our church should be to know what is going on with members of the congregation and do what they can for them.

    • blogblunders

      October 18, 2011 at 1:32 pm

      Thanks for your comment Helena.

      You are quite right that I have now idea what living as a stage 4 cancer patient is and it must bring everything into sharp focus.

      I don’t think you can say that the main thing for Church leaders is to know what is going on with everyone in their congregation. It is certainly one thing, but it is too much for the elders to know everything about everyone. One of the reasons the early church set up deacons in Acts 6 was to help spread the load and help the Apostles keep the bigger picture in focus.

      I think the Elders need to have a broad overview and trust the people they have assigned to those areas to do the job. It is important for churches to have systems like Small Groups and Pastoral/Prayer Teams to help cover these areas. I believe our Life Groups and Pastoral Teams do a great job throughout the church in the areas that our known to them.

      I also believe that it is in the community that we best serve one another, the family lives for each other with a common purpose. We live for Jesus’ glory, to see His message go out and we support each other as that is done.

      So, we the people mourn with those who mourn and we rejoice with those who rejoice.

      Let me know your thoughts,

      Be blessed in your adventures with Jesus,



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