[RENT] Life Support…

15 Dec

Standing on the edge

Hello lovely friends.

Thank you for checking back in – we really hope you’re enjoying our mini-series on RENT!

This week has been frantic, with Christmas parties (life group, toddler groups and nursery!), a nativity (we were the very proud parents of a rather splendid king), general Christmas prep, busyness at work PLUS redecorating our dining room in 2 days! Consequently I’m rather hurriedly writing this in time to post for #theatresthursday – which means it won’t be too long! So don’t worry, you can get back to all your jobs in just a minute or two…

Originally, the next song on the list was One Song Glory. But we’ve mixed it up a bit (and Mr Blunders will be returning to that one next week) – so here we go with Life Support…


‘Life support’ is a group for people with HIV/AIDS, although Angel describes it beautifully – “life support is a group for people coping with life”. This song is sung by the members of this group, and is another example of a group of people in community with each other, being honest, vulnerable and supportive. Last week Blunders wrote about the value of true friendship and deep connection with others…life support is a glimpse of this.

The focus of the song is the group’s ‘credo’;

“There’s only us, there’s only this Forget regret, or life is yours to miss

No other road, no other way

No day but today”

And whilst these words are powerful (and we’ll definitely write about them another time!) the lyric that really strikes me is this;

“Look, I find some of what you teach suspect

Because I’m used to relying on intellect

But I try to open up to what I don’t know

Because reason says I should have died three years ago”

This bit makes me think of our good friend who suffered a serious brain haemorrhage a couple of years ago. Doctors did not expect her to survive and have since described her as a miracle! Medical reason said she should have died, but thanks to a LOT of prayer she’s still with us today 🙂

In a former life (before babies turned my brains to mush!) I was a bit of an intellectual. I loved reading, writing, study. I have a law degree, and in the course of getting it, I devoured books. I loved analysing an argument and exploring different views. I like things to be accurate, reasoned and explicable. I’m not good with mystery or the unknown.

But sometimes I think it can be too easy to rely on intellect. Too safe to rely on science, facts and figures and detailed study. Sometimes, a leap of faith, although scary, can be liberating.

Is there anything you’re not doing, because reason says it won’t work?

When we moved to Eastbourne, we tripled our rent, halved our income, and invited a friend to live with us who initially was unable to make much financial contribution. Reason said that we shouldn’t be able to make ends meet. But we trusted God and He over-supplied all our needs.

My Dad got a job some years ago as deputy editor of a Christian trade magazine. His previous job had been in human resources for a multi-national rail company. On paper, he might not have looked like the most obvious candidate. But he got the job, and was soon promoted to editor (and is a very, very good one!).

Many of the young people I work with won’t attempt something because they’re scared of failing. It’s a natural instinct, but something that can really hold us back.

It also needs mentioning that it is not the recklessness of just doing things, but stepping out of comfort zone now and again.

Following Jesus is like that.

We can have all the answers, all the facts presented to us, but at some point it takes an act of faith based on what you know.

CS Lewis captured it amazingly in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when the children are first learning about Aslan. Lucy asks Mr. Beaver, “Is he safe?” to which Mr.Beaver answers. “No, of course he’s not safe, but he is good!”.

Following Jesus isn’t safe, taking a step of faith isn’t safe, going to a new group to share about life isn’t safe. There will always be reasons why we shouldn’t do something – but what if we put some of the reasons aside and grasp faith and, leap.

Be blessed in your adventures.

May you find people who will encourage you as you step out in faith, may you find true friends who will be your life support.

Big Love,

Mrs Blunders


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One response to “[RENT] Life Support…

  1. Sharon Roberts

    December 15, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    Great post Susie. So glad you made that ‘leap’ to Eastbourne. Xx


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