About this Blog

Prayer can be difficult. Make no bones about it. Our minds wander. We feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things we could/should pray for. How long do we pray for? Who do I pray to? There are huge tomes of information on ways to pray or heroes of the faith that gave up hours upon hours to pray; who we are “supposed” to pray like.

But, how do we really pray today in this modern world?

BlogBlunders was set up by Steve Blundell (aka Mr Blunders) initially to explore spoken worship as an outlet for his creativity. As time has gone on BlogBlunders has developed (along with Mrs Blunders input) into a blog that exists to equip and encourage faithful, powerful and effective prayer in the every day.

We explore a wide range of themes and look to respond in spoken worship. We hope that anyone using the blog will find encouragement in their prayer lives, ranging from those just looking/starting in prayer to those who have been doing it for many years.

Comments on BlogBlunders are always welcome. So, please feel free to leave a comment! We do reserve the right to delete any comment that is personally attacking, spam, or otherwise distasteful.

We hope that BlogBlunders gives a launch pad to your own prayer adventures and exploring what it truly is to follow Jesus.

Grace and Peace

Steve & Susie

aka Mr and Mrs Blunders



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